Isle au Haut

Isle au Haut is approximately six miles long and two miles wide. A remote area of Acadia National Park covers about half of the island. The town's year-round population of 65 grows to several hundred in the summer season. Isle au Haut Post Office

What will you find on the Island? A small, traditional village, a harbor busy with fishing and cruising boats, and enough miles of unspoiled walking trails to keep you busy for many return visits!

Isle au Haut LighthouseIf you’re visiting for the day, plan to bike or walk from the Town Landing where the Mailboat stops. Turning right from the Landing, it’s a short walk to the National Park Service Ranger Station. Taking a left from the Town Landing, you’ll find The Lunch Pail food trailer and the Island Store, the Union Congregational Church, Revere Hall (the Town’s offices, auditorium, basketball court, library and social center) and the K-8 school.

Bring your own bicycles or rent bikes from the Mailboat crew. Be sure to bring water, cameras, good shoes, and anything else you might need to be comfortable for a day. There is a restroom at the Ranger Station, 0.3 miles from the Town Landing, and another at Duck Harbor.

Road on Isle au HautFor a day’s visit to Acadia National Park on the island, most visitors ride the Mailboat to the Duck Harbor Landing, which is near the Campground and the Park trailheads. From the Town Landing it’s about 4 miles on the road or on a wooded trail to Duck Harbor.

The lighthouse at Robinson Point is owned by the Town, but the Keeper's House B&B is no longer in operation and the houses there are now private residences.

Robinson Point LighthouseIsle au Haut is a traditional, resource-based island community. The Town has a Post Office, a store and a K-8 school. Most islanders do “a little bit of everything” as the seasons and the seasonal residents come and go. Fishing, construction and landscaping are mainstays of the local economy.

The Isle au Haut Rural School encompasses grades K-8. The island's high-school students commute 45 minutes by boat to Deer Isle-Stonington High School or attend boarding schools.

We value the island for its beauty and the island community for its traditional way of life.